Understanding Your Legal27 Call Logs

One of the key features of Legal27 is the ability to view your call logs. This article will help you understand what information is available in your call logs and how to interpret it.
Your call logs provide a detailed record of all the calls handled by your AI receptionist. For each call, you can see the following information:
1. Caller ID: This is the phone number of the person who called.
2. Call Duration: This is the length of the call.
3. Call Transcript: This is a text representation of the conversation between the caller and the AI receptionist.
4. Call Outcome: This indicates whether the call was successfully handled, whether the caller hung up, or whether the call was transferred to a live agent.
By reviewing your call logs, you can gain insights into your callers' needs and preferences, and use this information to improve your service. For more information on how to use your call logs, check out our other help articles.